Retro Wifi SI (rs232 serial port Hayes compatible modem)

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Simulant "Retro Wifi SI"

The Retro Wifi SI is available from

The Retro Wifi SI is a WiFi enabled Hayes compatible modem that uses the rs232 serial port connection, which most older retro and vintage computers and devices have. This allows the use of Wifi and internet connectivity for legacy computers and devices that previously had to use Dialup modems in the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Predominantly this small modem device is used by most people for enabling home micro computers (mostly from the 80s such as computers made by Atari, Apple, Acorn, Amstrad, Commodore, Sinclair and IBM XT clones etc) to telnet into Bulletin Board Systems (or BBSes). However, there are countless wider uses for the Retro Wifi SI. For example, allowing industrial machinery and file storage servers that previously relied on dialup modem connections to have retrofit upgrades giving them Wifi capability in order to communicate with other legacy machinery and modern systems over a Wifi network.

3rd Party Projects for Retro Wifi SI[edit]

Retro Bridge - Connect Retro Wifi Si Modem to your computer and give your old PC access to all services you want, turning it into a REAL terminal