Commodore Amiga Plipbox Ethernet Adapter

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Amiga Plipbox Network Ethernet Adapter

Amiga Ethernet / Internet Network Adapter. Plipbox for A500 A600 A1200 A1000 A2000 A3000 A4000

Add internet capability / Ethernet networking to your classic Commodore Amiga computer.

(Not suitable for A1000 unless you are happy to make up an adapter to correct the pinout and gender).

The Simulant Plipbox is a pre-made and assembled kit housed in a custom 3D printed case which allows you to get your Amiga online. It allows an Amiga to connect to an Ethernet network via the parallel port.

This means the internet and web browsing can be used as well as Networking Amiga computers with SAMBA to other computers such as Windows, Mac, Linux or even other Amigas.

Works with standard classic Amigas and also supported by the Vampire accelerator cards with Coffin OS (Coffin OS even includes the Plipbox driver in its Internet Setup Wizard so it is completely plug and play!)

Powered by a "Mini USB cable" using 5v. A standard phone charger USB plug can be used or USB port from the Amiga or other nearby computer.

Usage Notes:

1. Install plipbox.device driver in your Amiga "devs:network/" folder (if using Coffin OS with Amiga then ignore this step and run the internet setup wizard instead).

2. After driver installation, always power on the Plipbox before powering on your Amiga (or at the same time). If the Plipbox is powered on after the Amiga then no internet connectivity will be found.

3. Lastly you'll need a tcp/ip stack on your Amiga such as AmiTCP, Genesis, MiamiDx or Roadshow etc

The Simulant made Plipbox is based on Lallafa's "Plipbox" along with the Kuro68k PCB board.

Availability[edit] - Buy Amiga Plipbox Ethernet adapter online from Simulant.

Useful Links[edit]

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