Amstrad NC200 Gotek USB Floppy Emulator Kit

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USB Floppy Kit installed in an Amstrad NC200

The Simulant NC200 USB Gotek floppy disk drive kit is available from

The Amstrad NC200 portable computer has a non-standard floppy disk drive making it difficult to swap the 3.5" original floppy for a USB floppy emulator alternative. This Simulant NC200 Gotek Floppy Kit is designed to fit as a straight swap of the original disk drive, allowing files and programs to be saved to USB. The use of USB flash drives with the Amstrad NC200 makes for safer backups and an easier way to transfer files across from a PC.

Useful Links and Resources[edit]

PowerISO PowerISO is extremely useful for Gotek Floppy Emulator users as it allows you to mount and edit disk image files on a PC

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