Classic 68K Amiga SAMBA setup

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SAMBA networking is very useful for Amiga computers, as it allows a fast and convenient way to transfer large files, games or software to your classic Commodore Amiga.

A standard Amiga computer is limited to 880K floppy disk capacity unless you have a CD-ROM drive or other means to transfer files (and burning lots of CDs can be time consuming and wasteful on media).

One option is a direct link via a serial or parallel cable from the Amiga to another PC, or even to use a telnet BBS service to upload and download files - these options can be slow and fiddly to implement.

With SAMBA however, transferring files to your Amiga is as easy as opening up a Drawer in Workbench and dragging them to your Hard DIsk Drive or Compact Flash card - and everything can be done directly on the Amiga without having to use UAE etc!

Basic Amiga 68K SAMBA setup steps


1. First add a Plipbox to your Amiga and have it setup with MiamiDX or similar TCP/IP stack so you have internet and Network connectivity available on the Amiga - see instructions and information here: [[Commodore Amiga Plipbox Ethernet Adapter]